It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Christmas was a bit slow to arrive in our apartment. I don’t know about where you are, but we’ve had an incredibly mild winter so far this year [I still cycle to work in a tshirt every morning] and I’ve found it less than festive. Growing up in Canada I’m used to at least 4 feet of snow at Christmas, so if it’s warm at all, I ain’t in the mood. 

Slowly but surely over the course of this week, I finished decorating for Christmas. Woo! o/ I was very good this year and only bought 3 new decorations – the festive ceramic candle holder from Harvey Norman on our coffee table, a set of tiny pink baubles I spied in Lidl for next to nothing for our tree, and a giant nut shaped nutcracker I saw in Deborah Charity Shop during the summer which is also home on our coffee table. Note to self; buy nuts

Last year when we cruised around the Baltic Sea [pretentious wanker sentence alert], I picked up this bigature house in Tallinn, Estonia for my parents and got 4 miniature houses for us [as seen here]. My mom and I funnily enough came to the conclusion that we both preferred what the other had, so I swapped my teeny houses for their less tiny house. It’s the perfect size for a tealight and looks sooo festive on our shelves. 
I didn’t buy new decorations [except the teeny pink baubles] this year, so to mix up my old decorations I strung loads of similar baubles together with ribbon and hung them up in groups. I was going to repaint a load of our old decorations too but I never got around to it and they’re perfectly fine thanks to my previous updates. A couple of years ago I updated our baubles with paint and yarn, and last year updated some more with a Sharpie and a label maker, showing that you don’t need to buy new ornaments every year to change the look of your holiday decor. 

And if you’re extra cheeky this year, you could try making your own edible ornaments like I did the past 2 years, but didn’t this year because I got lazy. Make them and hold them over me, please. 


Stormtrooper stamp DIY

Oh I am SO EXCITED to finally be able to share my latest collaboration with, which is now live as and from today. approached me again this year to create a tutorial for their site, and this year they asked if I had any ideas for a project based around either a Star Wars or Christmas theme. So I kinda took both ideas, mashed them together and created a Stormtrooper stamp tutorial that can be used to create bespoke wrapping paper. I couldn’t help but keep in mind what else this stamp could be used on; not just wrapping paper. I think it would work brilliantly to create a pattern on fabric like curtains or pillowcases, to be used as a wallpaper pattern on a feature wall, or subtly used to update a piece of furniture. Alls I’ll say is when we own our own home, THIS IS HAPPENING TO THINGS

Head on over to see my Stormtrooper Stamped Christmas Wrapping Paper post to see the full tutorial! 

Happy wrapping 😉 xx 

From me and mine to you and yours …

May your holidays this season be filled with an abundance of love, happiness, cookies, cake, onesies, carols, cheesy movie marathons, wine, couch cuddles, spiked coffees, mince pies, and more wine.

I’ll be taking some time away from here over the past week or so, and in the most loving way possible, I strongly suggest you do too. 

xx A