Thrifty things – jelly setter

I’ve been finding some lovely items in charity shops these days. And I want to show them off. 
Back in Canada, charity shopping was something a lot of people did. Here however, there seems to be some kind of stigma attached to it. There are some amazing things you can find in charity shops. Plus, it’s super cheap. 
This past week I found this glass stand. I had to have it once I saw it. There was actually a pair of them, but the second one was cracked, and I’m skint so I only bought one. It is cute and petite and was marked as a ‘diner style glass jelly setter’, but I will put all sorts of stuffs in it. €5.00 in Oxfam, Rathfarnham.

Tough Love

 I was reminiscing through my graffiti pictures recently, and I realized I have quite a lot of love themed graffiti. For the day that it is, I’m spreading the love …


I ♥ lamp, Great Strand Street, Dublin 2009. I } you, Brussels, 2009. 


I ♥ lamp, drain pipe, South Anne Street, Dublin 2008 {above}. Boarding where Lincoln’s Inn now stands, Lincoln Place, Dublin 2008 {below}.


I ♥ lamp, Harcourt Street, Dublin 2008. Lovebot, Vienna 2009 {above}. Maser, Abbey Street {Upper or Lower – I can’t remember}, Dublin 2009 {below}.

One last I ♥ lamp, Benburb Street, Dublin. 2009.

My favorite picks – share the love

1. Burgundy knit striped cardigan by Forever 21. I’ve already worn this cardigan out. Plus, it matches my hair <3
2. Valentines cross stitches by Natalie Dee through Subversive Cross Stitch. No comment necessary. Amaze.
3. Valentines cards by Ironic Sans. See this and more science themed cards for the geek in your life. 
4. I like you by lauren carney. Such cuteness. I always marvel at Laurens details. Cutest blog.
5. Yo! Sushi. I recently won a free meal for two at Yo! Sushi. Valentines Day dinner? I’mma eat you.