Thrifty things – pretty in pink

Last week I spotted some serious gems while on my charity shop adventures. I have a hardcore weakness for anything and everything nautical so the moment I saw this miniature ship vase in Second Abbey {for only €1}, I knew it was heading home with me. It was probably used as a plant pot in its previous life due to the amount of dirt in, on and around it, so I gave it a scrub and up onto the mantle it went.
On Saturday I saw this My Fair Lady print in the Oxfam Home store and I held on tight. Pretty pinkness, black and white stripes, AUDREY HEPBURN. For €10, I couldn’t not. 

In honour of my newly purchased print, we got a copy of the movie and watched it yesterday. I’ve seen My Fair Lady a good few times – or at least I thought I had. It turns out I had only ever seen up to the intermission – I never knew there was a second half to the movie. It was a lovely surprise to get another hour of Audrey and dreamy dresses, so I’m not complaining. I just fail at watching movies apparently. 

The first signs of spring sprung near our apartment on the weekend, so I cheekily picked a couple of buds for my new nautical vase. Beautiful. Except they set off my allergies and eyes swelled up within 20 minutes. Totes worth it. xx A

Thrifty things – coral centerpiece

I took a sneaky detour yesterday into a local charity shop. I was in said shop for about 20 seconds when I saw this delight on a shelf. I immediately pulled one of these in my best southern accent … 
For €8 at Age Action, it was a complete steel. It’s mounted on a marble disk, way heavier than it looks, and it’s quite rough so kitty’s have made their approval for face-rubbing purposes. A quick scrub once I got home and it came up gleaming. 
Warning, boring rant – regarding natural things on the market like coral, antlers, framed spiders/insects etc – they never sit right with me. I want to cry whenever I see things like that especially if it’s supporting an industry to plow a seabed or snuff an animal. I will defend myself by saying this was in a charity shop, therefore I was not directly supporting an industry of that nature. End rant. 
I’d also like to take a moment to write about a Facebook-fueled attack on my website that happened last night. For those of you brought to my site thanks to the lovely {and grossly misinformed} link details, welcome 🙂 Unfortunately, the woman who pointed you in my direction was a bit out of her element to say the least. Said blog post has temporarily been removed due to unsolicited slander and bullying. It’s unfortunate when fellow crafters and bloggers attack each other in this uncalled manner. 
Well, things can only get better. I was up all night with a lovely fever and strep throat. Can someone come over and sing soft kitty to me? Happy Wednesday homies – we’re halfway there 😉 xx A

Tall, dark and jetsam

Today the Tall Ships festival launched in Dublin, just down the road from where I work. Which means I crept some nautical stuff as well as a couple of sailors for good measure. In a desperate attempt to justify my posting shippy pics, I’ve teamed them up with some design images and items I’ve stumbled across as of late … A rather weak ruse. 

I had really hoped the ships would have had their sails open, but it was windy here in Dublin, so that was a no-go. The Tall Ships festival runs all weekend, and I’m a little heartbroken since I’m going to be away and won’t get to go on any ships. I would have loved to get my anchor tattoo out for the occasion as my tats haven’t been out much this year {I am always in tights}. Any excuse really. 
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