Confessions of a craftaholic

Turn to page 6 of the current March / April issue of House and Home to see a little craft mention featuring yours truly – confessing to my numerous craft habits. This cheeky mention came about when I was joking in  the H&H boardroom about how I’m secretly a 75 year old woman sitting at home knitting, crocheting and cross stitching with a cat or two on my lap. And occasionally a G&T within reach.  

Nothing good comes from joking in the boardroom. Not only is my craft confession mentioned once, but twice! As my co-worker Naoimh said when she saw my pic, my hair kind of looks like a wig in this picture. It was taken a couple of weeks ago when I had an intentional crooked fringe, but crooked fringe is no longer.

In non-crafty news, I started a new job last week, hence my lack of blog hagging. It was one of those first weeks where you’re concentrating so hard all day, that you are rendered completely useless once you get home. Then I slept almost all weekend. But now I’m back in the swing of things, and I have to say I missed blogging terribly, even though it was only 8 days. Yes, I know. I am uber lame.

p.s. I also miss my gang at House and Home 🙁

Hey girl.

Yesterday I found this site. Not many sites make me laugh out loud, but Handmade Ryan Gosling did. I would like to say that I’m more Reynolds than Gosling, but after reading a few of these babies, the scales have begun tipping. Slightly.

Below are the images that fiance and I enjoyed the most, since they rang painfully true to me. Take it away, Ryan …

All images thanks to Handmade Ryan Gosling.

Caddy-up, partner

They say the best things in life are free. During an office clear out, one of the guys I work with walked up to me and said “Hey, this looks like something you could use”. Before I had a chance to reply with a smart-ass remark, it actually was something I could use …

For the sake of my story, turn the clocks back 24 hours. I saw this post from <3elycia which showed a super cute ‘yarn caddy’. I was curious as to what this magical contraption was. As many of you probably already know, it’s a device used to store your ball of yarn to prevent it from bouncing all over the place. I then found a few caddy tutorials online, but I was missing the main ingredient – an appropriately  large container. Turn the clocks forward one day, and co-worker hands me said necessary item. These coincidences boggle my little mind sometimes.

What you’ll need : some sort of medium / large lidded container, a hammer, a nail and screwdriver bit, and a corner or a tool box {see what I mean below} … Since this has a tin lid, I used a nail and hammer. If you’re using a plastic container, you might need to drill through it.

Place the lid upside down* on the corner of an open box with enough support and space below. I did this so I didn’t accidentally hammer the lid directly onto a flat surface. I started with the nail to make a guide indent for the screwdriver piece. I then used a screwdriver piece since it makes a wide enough hole to feed your yarn through the lid. You won’t be hammering with excessive force, so the screwdriver piece won’t be ruined in any way.

That’s it really. No ground breaking DIY skills necessary. But it’s been an immense help with keeping small furry paws away from my yarn stash, as well as keeping my yarn from running away under the couch.

*You’ll need to make the hole from the inside out / using the lid upside down. This way, when you’re using the caddy and pulling yarn out of it, it runs smoothly and doesn’t snag on any imperfections.