Thrifty things – Canada clock

This is our cringey yet kitschy-fabulous Canadian clock. To call it thrifted is a bit of a stretch, but it’s a second hand find none-the-less. 
{Enter dream sequence…} a couple of years ago when we lived on the outskirts of Dublin, our neighbour’s mom found this clock on top of their kitchen cupboard. They weren’t too impressed by the overwhelming tack of it, so our neighbour’s son suggested handing it over to my broseph, since we were the Canadians in town. And there it sat. In my brothers room on his couch. For ages. Until I got fed up, took it from him, cleaned it, lovingly stuffed it with batteries and fully appreciated it in all it’s kitschy glory.
I’m not sure of the hands-holding-the-holy-bible and 1993 significance, but it’s got  just the right amount of awfully awesome so it’s staying, gleefully hanging in our bedroom for the time being, reminding me of home. In a weird way.

Thrifty things – hostess tea set

I am obsessed with old tea sets. The older, the kitschier, the daintier, the better. Whenever I step into a charity shop, it’s the first section I go to – that shelf with random pieces of china waiting patiently to be added to my collection. 
Quite some time ago I found this unusual shaped tea and saucer set {below right} and had to get it since it matched a set my parents have had since before I was born. The shape was so unusual, but perfect for my standard stack of cookies. Later when I was in the Arnott’s home department, I saw a tea set in the same shape, called a ‘housewife hostess tea set’, hence where I got the name for these. I don’t really know if that’s what this style is called, but I could hardly call my post ‘Thrifty things – tea set with a kind of charmingly wobbily abnormal shaped saucer’.

Later I found my second set {above left}. I must admit, fiance uses them much more than I do. I don’t actually drink tea, which is very unusual for this part of the world. But my love of dainty tea sets outweigh my dislike for tea.
First tea set €3 at Respect charity shop on Prussia Street, and second set €3 at Mrs. Quin’s Charity Shop in Rathfarnham. 
Wedded note: This is actually something along the lines of what we’re thinking for our big day – dark plum and burgundy tones, dainty tea sets, mulled wine, candles on anything that stands still, and a shit-ton of hydrangeas – obviously. So excited to get started!

I want it now – fine bone china

Yesterday morning while I was catching up on my blog feed, I came across something that caught my breath. You know, that moment you see something truly amazing, and your heart kind of stops for a second, you take a sharp intake of breath, and you freeze for a moment? Well I had that kind of a moment when I saw Melody Rose’s stall at the 1st Ever Renegade Craft Fair – London post on poppytalk
I don’t want these. I need them. 
I really have to refrain from including every image. They are all amazing and sum up exactly what I love – a strong contrast between old and new, delicate and hard core. I’m thinking, wedding registry? Hell yes.
Images borrowed from Melody Rose’s website and Facebook fan page