I want it now – moody kitchen

The charcoal hues, dark warm tones, lavender finery, clusters of hydrangeas, and the right amount of gold – I adore this kitchen. Kudos, Kelly Wearstler. I hope to be as fabulous as this one day. And how well does it go along with my gold tumblers post from earlier today? This and many more images I’ve seen today are making me want my own home so I can do what I like to it. Like, five minutes ago want. 
Image thanks to Stony Run Home

Rockin’ roll

I feel adding text to this entry is decreasing the awesomeness of the Traditional Tattoo Kitchen Roll by Rocket St George.

Described as “20 meters of fun with this fantastic kitchen roll featuring fabulous traditional tattoo designs”, at £5.50 per roll I am very tempted. But just one roll. And I would actually use it. Sparingly. 

Charcoal rain

Inspired by local Dublin graffiti artist Maser, I crafted this drip painting last summer. It’s really straight forward and the paint does all the work. I originally made it bright green drips, but it was too bright for me, so I repainted it in charcoal to better suit my living space.
Also shown is our Dandelion Urban Gnome we picked up at a fancy Interior Design opening evening where the {pre-recession} champagne was flowing and this is the result of our drinking. Money well spent.