My favorite picks – getting ready for Halloween

1. Alternative pumpkins. Thorny vine from Country Living, and carved Storm Trooper from Pumpkin Gutter.
2. Show me how. My aunt passed these magazines along to me recently, and even though they’re older than me, these magazines are amazing. 
4. Oh no not my face, by Natalie Dee. I live inside your face.
5. Candy corn. Another luxury we don’t have in Ireland. I found this great vegan candy corn recipe by The Urban Housewife. I am determined to make some this week.

My favorite picks – autumnal love

1. Conkers. As long as they fall out of trees, I will collect them. Since moving back to Ireland, collecting conkers is a real sign of autumn for me. 
2. Aromatic mulled wine by Marks & Spencer. This could be considered a Christmas drink, but to me it is an autumn and winter drink. Pour yourself a mug, pop it in the microwave and drink yourself into a magical stupor. 
3. Simone, by Jessica Harrison. Hauntingly beautiful with a side of gore. These mini porcelain sculptures are wonderful, but at times make you squirm. Perfect for getting you in the mood for Halloween. More cringe-worthy sculptures on her site including Maria, who enjoys long walks and holding her intestines. 
4. Pumpkin pie. It really needs no introduction. Quite possibly my favorite pie, my dad made a killer one for Thanksgiving. Happy {Canadian} Thanksgiving!

My favorite picks – get your gore on

1. noshington. Located across the road from my college, an adorable cafe full of aesthetic yumminess.
2. Dawn of the Dreadfuls, by Steve Hockensmith and Jane Austen. I just started this book – perfect for getting in the mood for Halloween. Yes, yes. 
3. Dance till you drop, by Lauren Carney. Very beautiful and quirky hand drawn illustrations.
4. Wolfbeater platform shoes by Iron Fist. If I could walk in high heels, I would be wearing you right now.
5. Haagen-Dazs Belgian Chocolate ice cream. I refuse to admit how much of this I’ve consumed in the last week. 
6. Stone triple band ring, by Topshop. I’m a fan of knuckle dusters. They’re kind of awesome.