My favorite picks – get your gore on

1. noshington. Located across the road from my college, an adorable cafe full of aesthetic yumminess.
2. Dawn of the Dreadfuls, by Steve Hockensmith and Jane Austen. I just started this book – perfect for getting in the mood for Halloween. Yes, yes. 
3. Dance till you drop, by Lauren Carney. Very beautiful and quirky hand drawn illustrations.
4. Wolfbeater platform shoes by Iron Fist. If I could walk in high heels, I would be wearing you right now.
5. Haagen-Dazs Belgian Chocolate ice cream. I refuse to admit how much of this I’ve consumed in the last week. 
6. Stone triple band ring, by Topshop. I’m a fan of knuckle dusters. They’re kind of awesome.

Inspired by ‘Married to the Sea’

I am a big fan of Married to the Sea. For those of you who may not be aware of it’s pure awesomeness – it’s a daily online comic. Ages ago I had created some Married-to-the-Sea-esque comics of my own. I only just remembered them, since they were tidily saved on my external hard drive. I hope you enjoy.

Ultimate tea party sophistication. 

Baby got back. 

One for the Wii-ers. Old school.

The joys of scummy Irish accents. Hours of entertainment. 
This one goes out to my college wives. Holla.

True story.

My favorite picks – come fly with me

1. 2011 IKEA catalogue. I have a terrible weakness for IKEA. 
2. Fornasetti wallpaper at Cole & Son. I ordered a sample of this to hang in my kitchen, but the pattern is so huge all I got was corners of four circles. All I wanted was a lady drinking from a cup. Is that too much to ask?
3. Quiet Life tablets. I rarely take medication. But I am a very, very, very nervous traveler. Me and planes don’t mix. I get worked up days before a flight, so for the first time I took something for my nerves. Available at most pharmacies, this completely natural herbal remedy relieves stress and worry. If you are a worrier like me, you should try this out. It’s very good.
4. Paul’s Boutique Molly Camo bag. Wherever I go, women manhandle this bag. It’s kind of really awesome. 
5. Skips. Fizzibly melty prawn cocktail delights, and I will not confess how many bags I ingested this week alone.