Christmas in February …

How horrified would you be to hear someone still had their Christmas tree up? Asking for a friend …

It’s still very much winter here in Ottawa [thanks to a storm that brought 30cm of snow last night], so I think I’m allowed to enjoy some Christmas lights for a little bit longer. Christmas lights are cheery and bright and I love every aspect of Christmas. I know, a massive faux pas for the interior design and blogging world, but I’m giving a lot less cares these days.

Is there a time of year that you love and hold onto a bit longer than what is considered ‘normal’? Zero judgement here.

2019 Interior Design Trends (they’re whatever the fuck you want them to be)

Maybe it’s because as I get older, I care less about what others think. Maybe it’s because I’m tired of mind-game algorithms. Or maybe it’s the universal push against social media I’ve been feeling in recent months, but having another set of ‘rules’ to follow creep into my timeline at this time of year is feeling like the last straw. Or maybe it’s because so much outside is overwhelming and all I want to do is create somewhere wonderful at home.

I know they’re not rules at all but guidelines and opinions set out for the year ahead, but imagine if the 2019 Interior Design Trend predictions were Whatever You Like instead of mass consumerism, and Pantone’s colour of the year was Whatever The Fuck You Want It To Be?

Since starting my blog in 2008, the more involved I got with blogging, connecting with others and diving into what was trendy, the more I wanted to add those popular trends to our home. It took a while, but I realized I don’t like a lot of what is popular, and I began phasing them out. I’ve been spending less time mindlessly online recently and more time focusing on what I actually like. And surprisingly, a lot of what I like [design-wise] is a mix of dark Victorian style [Dark Romatic Luxe] and as odd as it sounds, 90’s comfort that brings me back to my childhood. I’m talking Mr. and Mrs. Wilson’s house circa Dennis the Menace and the McCallister’s house in Home Alone; over the top curtains, patterns on patterns, overstuffed sofas, walls littered with frames, warmth and a more carefree feel to being at home.

I’m hoping 2019 is the year when for the most part we’re less rigid about what is and isn’t stylish. If you want to wallpaper your doors, wallpaper your damn doors. If you want to sponge paint your walls, sponge paint them. I’ll be right there cheering you on. Do whatever the hell you want! Fill your home with whatever makes you happy, regardless of whether or not it will look good Instagram or to other people.

Sponge paint those walls.

[For the record, I find sponge painted walls nostalgic.]


So my plan so far to share some #NoNewvember inspiration each day this month has been a total failure!

Over the course of 4 weeks, we had 2 conferences in work. The more recent conference took place this past week in Toronto and myself and my coworker manned the entire thing. We were those ducks who look calm on the surface but are wildly paddling underneath, trying to smooth over the many issues that popped up and fill in the gaps where the venue failed. Without using any swears [because toddler], it was bananas. There were a few 14-hour days leading up to the conference, then there was the lesser-known demon of Having To Catch Up On A Week Of Missed Work Once You Return To Your Desk. Oh, not to mention I experienced my first barometric pressure headache that was so compounding it gave me a fever and I was on the couch for 3 days. Then Cora had a fever the moment I left for the conference and as soon as I returned from Toronto I dove into Paranoid Mother Mode, rushing her to the doctor since her fever kept coming back [and peaked at 40.5°C].

I’ve been so busy and tired and my poor #NoNewvember Challenge has totally fallen by the wayside. I had every intention of kicking ass this month and [hopefully] inspiring others to buy secondhand, but without sounding too cliche or corny, life is what happens when you’re busy making plans.

I have more mental energy this week so in a last attempt to add more #NoNewvember photos to my hashtag 😆