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Myself, my husband and our two fur babies, Juniper and Toshi, live in a two bedroom apartment in the Dublin city centre. 

Because our apartment is a rental, we are limited to what we can change within our home when it comes to the design and layout [re: the wall treatment and larger pieces of furniture such as couches and white old IKEA shelves / storage units]. But they don't stop me from adding to our home and tweaking the design to suit our taste and to make it feel more us and less rented.

NEW! If you're curious to know more about a photo below and would like to creep more, just click on it and you'll be brought to my corresponding blog post. Enjoy!

The room to see the most updates in our home as well as where we spend the most time; our living room. The living room is home to our TV / lounge area, home office, large storage unit and dining area ...

Our teeny home office packs some serious punch. It's really just a desk in the corner of our living room, but it's where most of my work gets done. In fact, I'm sitting there right now! This little area is still a work in progress ...

Keep your eyes peeled for updates as I'm close to finishing our home office. It's a slow process as I'm trying to get mostly second hand items to update. 


We've been living here 5 years and I only just updated our hallway since the new year. It was an embarrassment of high gloss yellow paint, but I lovingly [and at times ragingly] sanded and repainted the whole lot. I'm now proud of our hall in stead of horrified.

Yeah, our bathroom isn't the most glamorous of rooms, I will admit. But, you should have seen it before ... Also, I took the below pictures with my phone as my camera was broken at the time. Update soon with proper pictures and a newer room tour!

I'm in the process of updating our master bedroom at the moment, so there's not much to see right now. But keep a look out for updates as I'm working on it at the moment! Here are some work in progress pictures + a cute cat picture to keep you entertained ...  

UNDER CONSTRUCTION - our spare bedroom is currently being updated and transformed into a nursery! Here's a general idea of how I'm hoping it to look at the moment ... 

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