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Spring decluttering round up - my top tips

The past couple of weeks I've had an overwhelming urge to [further] cull the clutter and get rid of the unnecessarily extra stuff in our apartment. I've decluttered our apartment by various degrees over the years and I feel this last time our home will be at my comfortable minimum [KNOCK ON WOOD]. This past weekend I started on our kitchen and so far I tackled half of it.

Time and time again I've used the same tips and tricks to declutter aspects of our apartment, so I thought there was no better time to share a little roundup of my favourite tips ... 

THE BASICS - my original spring decluttering blog post from 2014 is the best place to start. I write about my core 5 tips for staying motivated while decluttering and following through with your plans. 

THE BASICS 2.0 - the following year in 2015 I wrote 5 more tips on decluttering to give you an extra boost if you're feeling overwhelmed, as well as touching on the mental health benefits of decluttering.

THE EARLY BIRD - since writing about it in 2014, I've done my 10 minute morning tidy routine every day since. You may prefer to do it at night before you go to sleep [that's what she said], but either way, 10 minutes of tidying a day will keep you on top of things and in the long run will save you time and energy.

DAY-TO-DAY - my two tips for staying organised on a day-to-day basis and it's something I strongly think everyone should practice; using an agenda and organising your inbox.

EXTRA READING - I interviewed Sarah Reynolds of Organised Chaos for Image Interiors & Living and we geeked out over so much. You can check out the full article here - Cut the Clutter: six steps to a calmer, cleaner, happier home.

Happy decluttering! 

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  1. Holy heck. I have been trying to do the 10 minute trick every day since the first time you posted it. These are great. Thanks for the reminder.


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