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DIY Friday - copper blanket hanger

It seems like forever since I blogged a DIY project so I thought why not ease myself back into the swing of things with the most simplest of DIYs. Seriously simple, guys.  

The inspiration behind this project came from a blanket my grandmother crocheted for me. For the past couple of years I've unfortunately been storing it in a cupboard. I wanted to display it in some way, and here's the kicker, in a way that would KEEP KITTENS OFF OF IT [as it's white, their fur shows up to no end on it. Kitties have plenty of their own blankets so they're not deprived]. A lot of thinking went into it, and I eventually thought "why not hang it up?"

I wanted to keep this hanger idea very simple. Copper is very big this year so I quickly came to the conclusion of using a copper pipe and some rope to create an incredibly basic yet pretty hanger. I did a quick mock-up using some thick black ribbon I had laying around, and I think I actually prefer it. I think it works better with and compliments the blanket vs. using a piece of rope that might be competing in texture and attention. 

FUNNY STORY - I kinda managed to blag this piece of copper pipe. As I was leaving a restaurant I noticed a gentleman working outside with quite a lot of copper pipes. I plucked up enough courage to ask if he had any leftover when he was finished, would he mind keeping a piece aside for me. We got talking and it turns out his other half also is forever collecting random pieces for projects, so he was well used to such requests \o/ We were discussing sizes of pipe etc. when he found a piece about 2ft / 60cm long. "Here, just take this piece. Maybe hide it in your bag ...", so off I went with 2ft of copper pipe sticking out of my handbag and headed home! [thank you again so much, Donnacha!]

It's a pretty self-explainatory DIY so I figured there was zero point in photographing steps. But just in case, here's what to do ... 

- get copper pipe
- get some heavy ribbon or twine
- thread through and knot securely
- hang up blanket
- the end

So there you have it! Really simple, but [I think] gives a big impact. Happy Friday, homies! Hope you have a lovely weekend lined up.


  1. Great use of material... It is nice and slippery, which makes pulling the blanket down to snuggle on a cold day, easy. I have been eyeing the copper pipe at my local hardware store to use as a new curtain rod.

    Love this idea. Simple.
    "You is smart, you is kind, you is important". You is mostly smart.

    1. A copper curtain rod. You blow my mind, Wheele. That would look so lush.

  2. So simple, so effective!!! What an excellent idea. This is what I like - easy projects that look great! And that blanket is beautiful - it's good that it finally gets to be displayed and admired.
    Well played, A. Well played. xx

    1. My next crochet display project - getting the beautiful skully piece you made for me framed! I have it kept safe until I frame it, or think of another way to display it. Let's just hope it doesn't take a couple of years like it did for my grandmother's poor blanket!!! I am such a failure.

  3. Oh that's lovely! Sometimes the simplest projects are the best ;) xx

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  5. I'm kind of in awe of your mad blagging skillz! And that is a gorgeous blanket, yay for crafty relatives!

  6. This is such a cool and inexpensive idea! Love it!!!


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