Home Improvements

I’ve had a variety of projects going on over the past few weeks, all of which are / will be finishing up shortly. Some have been minor yet long overdue [and sometimes giant] updates to our apartment. Nothing particularly exciting as they’re mostly paint related. 
I repainted all the skirting boards and doors in our apartment, and this morning at 04:00 I repainted our hallway [husband had to be in work really early, so I was awake and figured I’d strike while the iron was hot]. All the boring painting jobs have needed to be done for 4+ years now, so while it’s not a big change to the actual design, to us it’s a huge difference. Even husband commented last night “it feels like we just moved in again!” In a good way. 

This week in particular I have the perfect excuse to spruce up our spare bedroom a little bit as we’ll have 2 very important guests. But first, I need to change the battery in that tiny clock. It ran out before I met husband … Nine years ago. It’s been stuck at 07:13:43 for long enough.
I picked up some second hand furniture and fittings for our master bedroom makeover, hemmed a pair of giant curtains, removed the awkward radiator from the middle of our bedroom wall, and souped up our chest of drawers to house our TV accessories [the latter two were completed by Dad DIYer]. I’ve also started rearranging and hanging more artwork in our apartment, which is something I’m terrible at doing. I have about 50 picture frames, all of which are in a cupboard gathering dust. 

I’ve also had a chance to sit down and do some small projects I’ve had in mind for a long time. I sewed a cute bauble trim onto our bathmat [as seen in the first picture] and I’m in the process of cross stitching a cheeky number for the bathroom. It’s a bit risque, which is fine in person, but I’m not sure about how well it would translate online. We’ll see. I might share it as it’s a bit of fun. 

It’s another cracking day here in Dublin so when you’re finished a day of work, you feel like there’s still time to go out and enjoy yourself. I’ll be trying my hand at foraging later this evening. Hopefully I pick the right stuff! xx A

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  1. April 8, 2015 / 17:16

    EEEK!! That guest bedroom is looking HAWT. I can't wait to see it!! (Are we the VIP guests or are you having Kim and Kanye coming to stay too?) xxx

  2. April 8, 2015 / 17:28

    Ooooh, those guests must be very very important!! Your guest room is looking gorgeous! And that bath matt looks so squidge-your-toes-in-me-ish – and the bauble trim is perfect! Intrigued to find out about the cheeky cross-stitch!
    So excited – tick tock tick tock… eeeek!!!

    • April 12, 2015 / 15:30

      I'm just about to finish the cross stitch now, Maria! Can't wait to share a cheeky sneak peek with you and see if it's blog appropriate. Because, you know, keeping it real is important and fun.