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Products We Love feature - DaWanda

A little while ago I was asked by DaWanda to compile a list of some of my favourite DaWanda treats to take part in their Products We Love page. So I did {any excuse for me to get lost in the what ifs}. As I was going through their site picking out some dream pieces, I noticed a bit of a home office theme going on so I went with it. 

Below are the 10 pieces I picked that would give my home office a little face-lift. You can of course head over to my DaWanda feature to gawk at the full feature. 

1. Table leaf by Antica Ebanisteria Gambella - such a beautiful desk. Love how the black paint has given this antique a modern feel, while keeping true to itself. 
2. Ceiling lamp black / gold by LI-SHOI - big time feeling the gold these days. This would be the perfect in our apartment. 
3. Grey felt ball rug by Felt Ball & Rugs - I don't know about in high traffic areas, but this rug would be perfect under my desk. My feet get happy just thinking about it. 
4. Glass Straws by everstraw - I have these! They're so neat, so I had to include them. 
5. Felted cat cave by Gabbybykitty - SERIOUSLY. Look at it. Our cats would loose the plot completely. 
6. Ceramic white and silver handmade cups by ENDEsign - oh, these cups are amazing. They kind of remind me of teeth. They're so unusual. 
7. Moroccan pouf gold ski leather by MarrakeshStyle - I've wanted a Moroccan pouf for a long time now, and this gold one is seriously on. 
8. Skull Victorian pillow with stripes by The bat in the hat - this pillow was in stock when I chose my 10 DaWanda pieces. It's unfortunately out of stock atm, but will hopefully be back on virtual shelves soon. I need it!
9. Eames Chair DAW from Zuffa Home - Eames chair. That is all. 
10. Harris tweed grey satchel by Breagha - I'm a sucker for a sturdy, practical bag. I'd really love to get my hands on this grey and white tweed bag. It's just what I'm looking for. 


  1. Oh my god my kitties would be in heaven in that felt cave! And I would be with that fab gold Moroccan pouf. yes please. xx

  2. LOL on Eames Chair... that is all.
    I let one go at an antique place in Kingston. Still pining for it.


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