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Sneak peek - this weeks DIY Friday

Ugh, I am so excited to reveal this weeks DIY Friday. So excited in fact that I'm going to do that annoying thing where I share with you a nondescript photo, and then not tell you what it is ... 

This weekend I struck charity shop gold. I've been looking for an item like this for a couple of weeks, and was tres excited when I found this most delightful piece on Saturday. It is ever so excellent. I also picked up some trimmings from Home Focus at Hickeys, one of which was the delightfully fun black bauble trim which I used earlier this year in my lamp revamp DIY. I'm such a sucker for bauble trim. Kitschy awesomeness. 

So, does anyone want to take a stab and guess at what it is? ... Tune in Friday for the reveal ;)

And with that, I will bid you adieu internet friends. We have a special guest staying with us this week so I must run off and ensure all the pillows are prepped et cetera. xx A


  1. MMmmm? I'm going to say footstool.. but I'm hoping it's a bed for the kitties!

  2. I was also going to say kitteh bed... but perhaps reupholstering a cushion for a seat?

  3. footstool or pouf cover. Sorry just playing catch up on blogs eeeks 67 entries in three weeks bad me.

  4. I know, I know!
    A banana hammock.
    A toaster cover?
    A hat...
    "One time, I made a hat out of a lobster and a stick."

    1. It would appear that I was way off!

    2. Ha! Well you were kind of close with the kitty bed bit. I'm thinking they might take over my footstool as it's the perfect perching size.

  5. You guys are so smart. I can't fool you. Except for Pat. I can always fool Pat.

    xx A


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