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As you may know by now, Google reader is going extinct as and from tomorrow. I have no doubt those of you who use it have made the necessary precautions, but just in case, below are a couple of alternative sites you can use to keep up to date with my posts ...

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I'm sure there's more, but those are the only two alternatives I can think of. And while I'm at it, here's some blatant social media plugging you can find me here too ...


For all of about 4 minutes I signed up for Google+ and Instagram, but I quickly deleted my accounts. To me they're just two more social media sites I have to chase, and I'm quite content with the ones I have to date. No offence to those of you who have those accounts; I feel I'd be spreading myself too thin. It seems less is more is happening a lot around here lately.

That's all peeps. Stop on by tomorrow for some tasty temptations you will adore / immediately regret consuming. Hell, you only live once. xx A


  1. oh I hear you Alex. I am with ya on spreading yaself thin. I am in the process of making some changes myself. I am over feeling like I have to have a social media presence everywhere lol. So I have a twitter account but don't tweet much cos I am not sure what I am spose to tweet about. At the moment I only use it for blog posts. I have no desire to keep on using it. I am also thinking of getting rid of my SIB blog and just blogging on my personal one again. I am looking at getting a website done and in two minds about having a business blog linked to it or not. I think I would rather focus on building up my facebook page to be honest.

    1. Preach it, sister. Social networking works for people in different ways. It's really varied between Twitter and Facebook. If I post the same thing on both sites, sometimes I'll get a good reaction from one, and nothing from the other. And other times, vice versa. But I think those two sites are enough for me. If I spend too much time on either, I also begin to feel panicked. Not cool.

      You know I'll support whatever blog route you take, as long as you keep writing ;) xx A


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