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Wishing you a ...

It's been cray around here lately, hence my MIA on the blog this week. But I'm adjusting, and I should be back to my usual blogging next week.

Some good news - I'll be rolling out my new rug much sooner than I had expected - no complaining there! I also got my new graffiti/artwork home and hung. And FINGERS CROSSED our recent burst of cracking weather here in Dublin is due to hang around for our long weekend ahead. I foresee lots of long walks and chillaxing in parks. xx A

p.s. I'm a fraud. I don't even drink tea. That's chocolate milk. But damn, I'mma drink it fancy. 


    I am so excited to see both!!!

    1. I managed to take some pretty decent pics of the rug y'day. So many Big Lebowski references looming.

  2. Haha! You are awesome, girl! Chocolate milk, fancy style! Oh and... make sure you check out my blog today, there's something special there for ya...


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