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I want it now - old school typewriter

I've had a fascination with typewriters for a long time. It all started years ago when I worked in a dentists office* where I would occasionally use theirs when the receptionist was away and someones details needed to be updated. Since then my fascination has been on a steady increase, but unfortunately here in Dublin I haven't had any luck in the second hand stores - I prefer the thought of one with character. Also, I would actually use it. It would be a bit crap for blogging purposes though. 

Happy Friday, homies! I hope you have something exciting planned this weekend. I myself will be doing some DIY's and spring cleaning. xx A

I thought I wanted to be a dental hygienist when I 'grew up', so I worked in a dentists office via my high school as a work placement. In the end, I didn't want to be one. Although, it was a really interesting experience. Thanks to it I have no fears about going to the dentist.


  1. Love it. I once had an old adding machine that I was strangely attached to (to which I was once attached? Anyway...). It took up maybe twice the space that typewriter does, and I finally had to let it go when I moved into a postage stamp sized apartment. After that I decided that, much as I love old office equipment, I would have to give it a pass. I am, however, looking for an old office rotary phone. That, I can find space for!


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