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What's your paint personality?

While trolling through some of my old posts yesterday, I was reminded of a little something I partially concocted last year, but never shared. An oldie, but a goodie ...

When I was with House and Home, myself and my lovely colleague Jessica were asked to create a quiz people could take to see if their personalities had a connection to the colours they tend to gravitate to. We each came up with 10 random questions*. Some a bit cheeky, and for the most part, not relating to design. 

If you're up for it, grab a pen and paper, some tea {or G&T - no judgement will be found here}, and get clicking over to our Paint Personality Quiz. Should you like to leave some feedback, it would be warmly welcomed, as I'm genuinely curious to see if our quiz works out to your favour. Or, if it doesn't, don't spare us the gory details. 

And on a completely different note, I'm giving up swearing for lent. I'm not particularly religious, I just thought I'd give it a go. So far, it's not going so well. I ran out of coins to put in my 'swear jar' before 10am. Wish me luck.

xx A

*Mine being the latter 10 questions, in case you're curious ;)


  1. Fabulous. My answers were split between b + C's, but I think it's because I'd like to be hopelessly romantic with Ryan Gosling, while painting my bedroom some vibrant mod colour scheme. Good work!

    1. Ah yes. Ryan Gosling. He's a trickster. Always roping in the women with this puppy dog eyes.

      Thanks for your feedback, Mel!

  2. I was mostly d's. I think you nailed me. We just painted our new house in the below colour. Found a blog post with the colour. It sort of looks the same in the photo.


    Our house is gaming and book focused in black/grey (some white silver and pewter all feature so far too).

    Our first house so it is fun to set up <3

    1. Thanks for your feedback Ishy. I'm always glad to hear when the quiz works for people! I adore, adore that paint colour you've chosen. Mad props. If I had my way our entire apartment would be that colour, with faux paneling. Jealous.


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