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Lately ...

There's been a whole helluva lot of this going on in the hand region ...

I usually don't mind, except it looks bad when you have an office job. Unimportant note - I've noticed the polish on my left hand wears down faster than my right, even though I'm right handed.

On the home front, I picked up these RAMSTA lights from IKEA that are shaped like glitzy diamonds. I got them to keep some cheer now that the holidays are over and our decorations are down. I'm stuck as to where to hang / put / dump these though. Any suggestions? Your experience / thoughts will be warmly welcomed.

Recently the below tremendous monster has been taunting me. I first crept the Marks & Spencer Conran Large Cloche in store a couple weeks before Christmas. But it was €80, and I wasn't prepared for that. Plus, these things are massive. Like, the size of your torso massive. But, I needs.

Then, I was minding my own business on the internet, when what should appear on the sidebar but an M&S ad for the cloche, telling me it was reduced from €80 to €52. I remained strong. A week later, it popped up again. Cloche is further reduced to €39. I'm giving it until next week, and if there are any left, I will make like Gollum and snatch up some precious.

And lastly, the other day I took the Stylescope Quiz {thanks to a heads up from Sadie & Stella}. I'm always curious when it comes to something being able to 'define' a person in 5 steps, but, I don't think I can complain here. My result was pretty accurate ... 

The quiz guesstimated I was a socialite with a hint of new country. I was quite thrown off at the socialite label. But then I read their definition ...

Socialite - "Brilliant textures and layers, pops of rich colours like deep plums and magenta's, and high end, lavish touches at every turn."

I'm willing to accept this witchcraftery.

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