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I dreamed a dream

How lush is this lot? These three pictures have been eating my brain as of late. Especially that last one - the furniture composition, that shelving, plus the velvet chaise lounge makes me tore up from the floor up. Thanks to Pinterest, my mind is now continuously focused on owning a home so I can do a holy show of renovations and DIYs to it. Am I the only one that Pinterest does that to? A girl can dream. 

p.s. Thank you for your lovely comments on my DIY bell jar tutorial! I was worried that would be a bit hit-or miss. I have some more tricks up my sleeve, which I hope to get sorted asap.

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* Sorry to any of you who thought this post would be in some way connected to Les Miserables. My bad. 


  1. I'd need a 40 room mansion to do everything I've pinned on Pinterest. And a small army of assistants. That blue chaise is amazing!

    1. Tell me about it. Pinterest is heaven, and in the same breath, causes painful amounts of jealousy.


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