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Exciting news!

Well bloggettes, there's been a double whammy of news today. First, I'll be hooking up with this crew again ...

... I can't complain. Exponential amounts of excitement. I've been asked to write a piece on a home revamp which will be kicking off next week. I'm a little nervous, but my overall excitement it trumping that right now. So excited to be back with H&H on this piece. It'll be featured in the January/February issue which if memory serves me right, will be hitting the shelves festive season-ish . It's Christmas come early for me!

And secondly, I got these lovelies in the post today ...

Don't even get me started. Our photographer, Karina Finegan, is some kind of magician. To back up that statement, I've included a tasty little number below. I cannot wait to go through our pictures with my folks tonight, accompanied by some quessadillas + wine. Winning.

TFIF, homies! Extra points if you can figure out what that first 'F' stands for. I hope you have an amaze-balls /relaxing/dare-I-say-festive weekend lined up.

xx A


  1. Congrats on the H&H news!
    Gorgeous photo!! Hoping to see more!
    Maria x

    1. Thank you, lovely! More is on it's way.

  2. Well done you - can I get that mag over here? x

    1. Ah Helen, I just found out it's island of Ireland only, sorry :(

  3. Congratulations on your exciting news! The wedding photo is just gorgeous. Love the bouquet!


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