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My lovely scarf

I heart autumn. The mostest. I can hardly wait for the first crisp morning of the year, so I get the perfect excuse to grab my favourite scarf. I knitted this baby more than 10 years ago as my very first knitting project. I remember picking out the yarn in our local craft store back in Canada, where I probably first fell for dark red and plum tones. Once I got into the swing of things {two plain, two purl, repeat ad nauseum}, I bought two more skeins. Thanks to my inability to stop knitting, it grew to more than 6ft long, which means it wraps perfectly around me about a gazillion times.

It took me ages to knit, but I was so proud of myself when it was finally finished. I've piled this mother on me every day this week as autumn has finally set in here. So happy! I know. Most of you probably think I'm crazy for liking cold weather. Mittens, snuggles, hot drinks - c'mon!

And in case you'd like to now how the title of this post is meant to sound, just substitute 'horse' with 'scarf' ...


  1. Haha, that made me laugh! Great scarf, and I love Autumn too - it's my favourite season. You can't beat getting cosy and snuggly - hot chocolate, snuggling under blankets... aaahhh so good!
    Maria x

    1. YES! Someone else who likes autumn! I knew I wasn't alone :) It is the most excellent.


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