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Retail therapy

If I'm out and about crossing stuff off lists, I try to find time to stop in some home departments to make myself fell all nice and fuzzy on the inside. And this is what I foundimpulse bought, took home because they're awesome.

First up, this floral cut velvet cushion from Marks & Spencer. A little steep at €35 for a pillow, I still picked up this big burgundy beaut the moment I saw it. Consider it an investment. You can see my other recent pillow purchase here, which you will be glad to know get along very well with their new neighbour. 

I oogled this swank curtain tie-back down in Arnotts Bargain Basement. At under €5, I'm determined to go back and get a couple more. I really like the contrast of the body of the tie-back with the dare I say modern {that word makes me cringe a little} lines of the clear glass. Winning. 

And just to show you don't have to go to high-end brands to find pretty stuff, I picked up this double bedspread at Penneys {aka Primark} for €18. Once I saw the incredible aubergine hue and in stripe form, I needed it, and I needed it 5 minutes ago. PLUS, it's quite good quality / not the typical crappy cheap fabric. Yum, yum ...


  1. Wow, Marks and Sparks is carrying better stuff than I remember. I lived in the UK for 2.5 years a few years back. I am glad you mention not having to shop in high-end shops in order to have serious style. Style comes from a person's own creativity.

    1. I'm all about mixing and matching, and that includes price tags. From charity shop finds to investment pieces, variety is the spice of life :)

      p.s. Some of my favourite pieces have been free!

  2. These finds are awesome. I often wish we had M&S here, for the bra dept mostly. Care to send them over? I'll trade you for Timmy's...

    1. Sounds like a fair trade. Timbits - your bits.


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