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Lately ...

... I'm feeling a smidgen more relaxed this week. In a blind panic, I ran around after work like a crazed woman and crossed a good amount off our list last week. Our countdown is now in SINGLE DIGIT WEEKS, so excuse me while I have a moment. You can't hear it, but I just screamed. Excitement, and a lot of nerves. 

I ordered this amazing black and white stripe ribbon from Press Gang Supplies over on Etsy. 5 meters of excitement. All of which will be used on bouquets, buttonholes and whatnot ...

Ceremony bubbles, and lots of them. Not sure if we'll use these though. Kids + bubbles + sticky hands + moms new dress might = a lot of not so happy parents ... Your thoughts?

We also finally got our Russian VISA's in order. It took us three attempts before our applications were approved = an extra three scoops of stress.

We also got stamps for our invitations - another minuscule detail to remember. My dad told us about the limited addition {typical Irish weather} wedding stamps. Side note - our wedding invitations arrived today! I am going to pee, they're so awesome. I will be dedicating an entire post to their fabulosity.

And another thing not usually remembered until the last minute - you gotta smell good on your big day. Fiance and I happen to both adore Paco Rabanne's 1 Million and Black XS. We haven't worn either fragrance in ages, so it will make extra special olfactory memories on the day ♥


  1. I love 1 Million too - good choice!
    Looking forward to the post on your invitations - love checking out people's wedding invitations!
    As for the bubbles - they always seem to go down well at weddings I've been to, and not heard any complaints about sticky hands etc - but not making any guarantees...

    1. Oh good, I'm glad I have bubble backup! We'll be handing out {colour co-ordinated} napkins. I'm trying to forsee all angles of disaster. I'm hoping that will put a cork in the complainers.

  2. Oh the kids are going to love the bubbles, never mind the moms! If the kids are entertained, the moms are happy (with the occasional exception who will find a reason to grumble no matter what. lol) Congrats to you, weddings are so awesome and from the looks of things the occasion is going to look super chic!!

    1. Fab point Dharshi. That's one we didn't think of - keep the kids happy. I'm preparing myself for the odd grumbler. I think I need to grow an extra couple layers of skin.

      Chic on the cheap is what I'm aiming for. The right colours are what I think will make it look more sophisticated. Deep plum, wine and aubergine coupled with black and white stripes. Fingers crossed!


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