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Pillow talk

I recently had a horrific experience shopping for a dress for my cousins wedding. Long story short, it took about 4 hours, but we found an awesome dress right as I was loosing my sanity. I rewarded my relentlessness determination* after said purchase by heading to the closest home department to touch stuff and calm down a bit. And TK Maxx was my special place of choice.

I was blissfully browsing hat boxes I'll never need, when just like that, our eyes met and I knew these were mine. This pair of monochromatic velvet geometric puppies were one of those moments where you are 400% in love with something and have 0% doubt in your mind this would make your life better. I know. They're just pillows.

I have affectionately called these our 'Magneto' pillows {we may or may not have watched the trilogy that weekend}. But seriously, how awesome are these? They are incredibly comfortable and are an incredible quality considering they were only  €16.99 each. Hell to the yes.

Let's also talk about the pillow chop. This is important. This is an art. This is also something I cunningly explained to fiance was "fun and you'd like it because you get to karate chop a pillow to make it look all good". My subtle manipulation worked, as I have crept fiance prepping and chopping said pillows. Yes, yes.

* This is a complete lie. I was a nightmare. My poor mother dragged me from shop to shop where I relentlessly complained about my lack of developing an eating disorder in order to wear normal women's sizes. I'm sure they'll write a Berenstain Bears book about my episode.  


  1. Nice cushions and dress. Love the colour of the cushions and that dress is a gorgeous style. Had a wee giggle at the name you have given them. I just watched the x-men first class last Sunday.I had seen the previous oness when they came out.

    1. First Class is quite good, except Michael Fassbender can't yell in an accent to save his life. Fiance and I take the piss out of him every time we hear his Irish accent slip.

  2. handsome pillows. good choice. i also enjoy your Berenstain Bears reference! i remember the show well :D

    1. Yaaay, someone cued my Berenstain Bears reference! I am a happy girl.


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