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I'm a Lady

Our second kitty, Lady Toshi Arnolfini, had her fourth birthday recently, so out come the embarrassing baby pictures. I'm quite a bad mom :( It was Toshi's birthday two weeks ago, and I'm only now getting around to wading through my photos to find uber cute pics. 

Toshi is a very photogenic kitten, but not always in her favour. She's the most loving kitty I've been owned by, and she will go out of her way for a rub, an awkward snuggle, or to lay on your shoulders. She chirps like a bird at times, and is the worst beggar, but she hasn't a bad bone in her body. Here are my favorite pictures of her I thought all my fellow crazy cat ladies will appreciate ...

I'll finish on my two favourite pictures of Toshi - Tosh 'helping' fiance write his dissertation {that face kills me!}, and Tosh 'helping' fiance do the dishes. So incredibly awkward and cute. 


  1. awwww belated Happy Birthday Lady Toshi. She is very photogenic. I love the shot of her on top of the scratching post.....and well a kitty that helps to do dishes, wish Smooch felt that way inclined lol

    1. Tosh is very good with the wash up. She gives them a once-over with her face before they go in the sink usually.


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