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What a weekend. I took a road trip with my folks across the west {or 'wesht'} of Ireland and it was amazing. Until now, I don't consider any trip within Ireland a holiday, but what I just experienced was a holiday. 27 to 30 degrees, sun, sand, impeccable weather and about 80lbs of food. It was glorious. 

We came across this adorable tiered mini craft cul-de-sac set-up, Ceardlann in Spiddal Co. Galway, and I demanded we stop so I could take copious pictures "for the sake of my blog". Please note none of these pictures do the real thing + that fantastic weather any justice. The entire place was painfully adorable and felt so homely. 

I could have devoured the outside of this shop. It was my favorite, and was convincing me hits of yellow wasn't something I would have to be afraid of - at An Spailpin Fanach {Irish language and culture shop}.

Lovely lavender shades ...

Unfortunately, since it was early on a Sunday morning, only one of the shops was open - a basket and weaving shop - whose name I can't remember / cannot find online! Sad face. The owner happened to be teaching a basket weaving class, so I took some sneaky pics {with permission, obv}. Happy face!

I'll end this post on that sky ... Very rare in this country. Hope you enjoyed your weekend, and if you're anything like me, you're looking forward to the long weekend already.

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  1. What an adorable little place.
    I love the yellow - do it!
    Enjoy your long weekend, we just had ours over here, it was very nice :)


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