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Lovely mention - Prudence Magazine

I got a call from my mom this morning while I was on my way to work, to say that Hydrangea Girl had a mention in the March / April edition of Prudence magazine! I was pretty excited. I actually had been told months and months ago about it, but since then I was given the heads up that it didn't make the cut, so I completely forgot about it. It was just the little piece of good news I needed to wake me up from my crusty, groggy, bus-journey-coma this morning.

And what's this my observant eyes spot - only just the lovely Laura Howard's blog too, Bugs and Fishes! A lovely blog friend of mine with only a massively successful and crafty website. And I might be more stoked by being mentioned along side Bugs and Fishes! Yeah, I'm a nerd. What an awesome mention. Thanks again, gang at Prudence :)


  1. Hey there you famous person :-)Congrats on your mention in Prudence.Thats awesome and well done!!
    When funds permit we should do a magazine swap, I could send you some kiwi home and lifestyle mags......

    1. I'm on it like a car bonnet. That is just a fabulous idea Janine! I can send you some of my fav Irish home magazines. Indeed, funds permitting. Awesome-sauce idea.


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