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I want it now - Kidston knitting bag

I saw this knitting companion on the swoonful Cath Kidston website the other day and I need it so hard. This cutie petutie retro style knitting bag is just what I'm telling myself I need to keep my knitting {and crocheting} all neat and tidy and organized and harmonious. Just look at it ... 

I keep tempting myself by searching for reasons why I should get it. Pour example -
   - It's awesome
   - I could proudly advertise my craft haggness status
   - It's also super cute
   - To date I've been using a ratty canvas bag, and sometimes my handbag, to transport my woollen delights 
   - A cleverly placed piece of red electrical tape could transform it to say 'knitting hag'
   - It could be a little reward to myself for getting my current job
   - I just want it, okay?

Arrrhhhh, and it only gets cuter on the inside. Do any of you go through similar thought processes to justify buying things like this? I don't do it often, as I am not a compulsive or spur of the moment shopper. I put too much thought into things, and I more than likely decide it's something I don't need in the end. Except this. I wants it. 


  1. It seems to me you have put a good case forward, and I think it would be a suitable reward for getting your job. But then again I am called the "enabler" amongst friends.....since I convince them to buy things. I will add in my defence, that they do buy out of free will lol.

    It is cute, but then I am a sucker for anything red.....as Nike says "Just do it" giggles.

    P.S. on a seriuos note, I often my ask when I have a shopping conflict like this, would I have buyers remorse if I bought it? if not then I purcashe said item.

    1. That's a good question. And my answer would be hell no. So I think it's set in stone! Ha. Usually if I have any hesitation, then that's probably a good indication I'm not 100% on something, so then I don't get it.

      So I went online yesterday to buy it, and it's out of stock. Until May 14th. Fuuuuuuuuuu. But, it's for the best, since I should probably save mo money first.

      Enable me.


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