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Skull candy

I'm such a sucker for skulls. I've recently acquired quite a lot of skull items, such as these glittery skull Christmas ornaments today that were marked down to €1.50, which I immediately had to have. I don't think they're strictly Christmassy, but that's just me. They're about to seriously jazz up some door handles around my apartment.

This skull and bone ice mold marked down to €1 which was still straggling behind after Halloween, so I had to pick it up. It was so lonely out there. Welcome to my freezer.

Teeny skull skewers. Perfect served up in a glass for finger food entertainment. 

And this is something I want badly - Crystal Head Vodka by Dan Aykroyd and John Alexander. I can count the many ways in how awesome this is. Hell yes I would just buy it for the bottle. Except it's not available here in Ireland. Fuuuuuuuuu.

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