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DIY - Seasonal switch plates

This little project has stood the test of time.  So far. Knock on wood. I originally made my seasonal switch plates {or 'festive flickers' as fiance calls them - although, I think that sounds dirty} over seven years ago, and year after year, we put them up. It only took me seven years to sit down and photograph them ... 

They're one of the first things I like to put up at Christmas, and we always get compliments on them. So below I've written a tutorial on how to make them, so that you too can revel in the glory of everyone saying how much a Suzie Homemaker you are. 

What you'll need: a cereal box or supermarket pizza box {thin cardboard works best}, paint in a range of festive colors, PVA glue {to glue on glittery things. It also dries clear}, glittery things of your choice like snowflakes or stars, scissors, paint brush, a black pen, pencil, and a ruler.

Step 1: decide on a template for your seasonal switch plates. I  designed a silhouette inspired a little by Russian architecture. I have a secret fascination with Russia. Anyways, I drew my template on a folded piece of paper - when I cut out the design and opened it, it was a perfectly symmetrical template. I also cut out a square the size of my light switches. To make sure the templates fit each switch snugly, I fitted and trimmed the inside square with a pair of scissors {scalpel or exacto knife} where necessary. Step 2: with your pencil, draw a Christmassy scene. I went with a different design for each switch plate, but there's no harm in doing the same pattern en masse. Step 3: once you're happy with your design, paint it in. I began with the gold background, which I needed to build up with two layers of paint. Once the gold was dry, I went ahead and painted the remainder of the scene.

Step 4: When your paint has dried, use a  black pen {or fine marker} and draw an outline around your design to really make it popStep 5: attack every boring light switch in your home. 

Tip: use a small amount of blue-tack on the back of each to ensure they don't fall off the wall, if they're not super snug.

I've also done monogrammed seasonal switch plates for our bedrooms. They're a lot less fussy/time consuming to make, and make a classier more sophisticated impact.

Happy craft hagging :)


  1. Oh my goodness!! These are so adorable -- awesome idea.

  2. What a great idea! Have you made them for other holidays, as well?

  3. Not yet! I would really like to sit down and make them to suit all seasons. Let's hope it doesn't take me another seven years.

  4. Aw, what a rather cute little Xmas idea. I won't get around to doing it myself but I can admire it nonetheless.

  5. Thank you Josie! I'm finding it tough to get around to crafting. I'll have to start in June next year I think ...


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