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I want it now - fine bone china

Yesterday morning while I was catching up on my blog feed, I came across something that caught my breath. You know, that moment you see something truly amazing, and your heart kind of stops for a second, you take a sharp intake of breath, and you freeze for a moment? Well I had that kind of a moment when I saw Melody Rose's stall at the 1st Ever Renegade Craft Fair - London post on poppytalk

I don't want these. I need them. 

I really have to refrain from including every image. They are all amazing and sum up exactly what I love - a strong contrast between old and new, delicate and hard core. I'm thinking, wedding registry? Hell yes.

Images borrowed from Melody Rose's website and Facebook fan page


  1. I guess I am a traditionalist lol, cos while it looks nice I wouldn't want to eat off or drink out of them, with the skull there. I love the pretty pieces but the skull doesn't do it for me lol. Not because I don't like skulls I just don't like the combo of pretty and industrial in that form. I think I might be a china snob lol.But beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I think this certainly makes you freaking happy :-)

  2. Don't get me wrong - I have a ton of dainty cup and saucer sets I've collected from thrift shops, so I adore the old school crockery, and I understand where you're coming from Janine. But, I personally find these awesome and an alternative spin on something so delicate. I'm with R R ;)


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