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The feeling isn't mutual

My dad just sent me a link to this video. As you'll see, Madonna is attending a press conference when a fan of hers hands her a {gorgeous} purple hydrangea. Madonna temporarily forgets the microphone in front of her, which captures her true thoughts of her gift through gritted teeth. Pure classic! All the more for me.


  1. Assuming you're crocheting the right number of stitches on each row, the edges should even up after you block the piece. There are lots of instructions on the web on blocking -- easy stuff.

  2. Thanks Barb :) I think the tutorial I went by combined with with being my first time doing linear crochet, I was getting very confused. And only on one side! Damn it. But so far the real deal is turning out really well!

    I'm guessing this comment is directed at my afghan pattern? ;)


  3. This is very funny indeed! Your blog is absolutely gorgeous, and because I only recently discovered it, I immediately nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award… Check it out at: http://www.livlig-online.com/index.php/versatile-blogger-award/

    Love, Maria (www.livlig-online.com)

  4. Whaaaaaaat. I am literally in a state of shock. It's far too early on a Sunday for this! I don't even have my face on yet.

    My god, thank you so much for even considering my little blog Livlig. It means the world to me. I'm really hoping all of this is the beginning of my career in design!

    Much love xx


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