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Get your lounge on

I saw these today and couldn't leave without them. A new line of pyjamas 'Love to Lounge' from Penneys {aka Primark} immediately reminded me of a cross between Northern Getaway {which I'm sad to learn they closed in 2007} and the Mariposa Market

Yes, these are pyjamas for Christmas. Yes, I bought them in August. But when you've been away from Canada as long as I have, you don't need an excuse for buying anything that reminds you of home. They are epic, and I can't wait to get my lounge on in them. €7 each. It's on. 


  1. These are totally in line with Northern Reflections (which is still open - they just closed the Getaway Kids line) And it made me happy to see a reference like that on a blog!
    Annnd every time I visit Europe I love Primark. gah!
    Where did you live in Canada? Have you been back recently?
    Off to read more of your blog, love it so far.
    Mel, in Ontario

  2. I left before I was old enough to appreciate Northern Reflections, unfortunately. Oh I still remember my floral tops and stretchy pants from NG. To die for!

    Primark is a dangerous place. My fiance will actively detour our route if we're getting close to one.

    I used to live not too far from Toronto. We're hoping to move back, but there's a wedding to plan first! We can't wait :)


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