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Blogging makes it better

How yummy is this picture? It is a meal for my eyes. I took this picture two weeks ago after visiting my family. My mom kindly hacked into two of their hydrangea bushes for me and they've been holding up since. 

The evenings are getting shorter, snuggles are near manditory, and my instinct to knit constantly is kicking in. Autumn is such an amazing season for me and reminds me too much of Canada. 

I've been feeling kind of awful these last few days. I keep comparing myself to an ex co-worker who is in the thick of their career involved in design, and I'm trailing aimlessly behind. But I'm pulling myself out of this mood by reminding myself of my little blog, my wedding and honeymoon which I will begin planning within the next month, and all my craft hagging projects which keep me sane. Bloggin' through the pain.


  1. I do love that picture... & you're quite talented. Keep at it. All of it.

    Canada misses you too! xx

  2. Oooh thank you velabronx. I suppose we're all allowed to feel down in the dumps once in a while. Hopes of moving back make me happy :)


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