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Thrifty things - delicate decanters

I like decanters. The older, the bigger, the more decorative, the better. I don't fully understand my fascination with them. Maybe they make me feel smarter and more sophisticated. Last Friday I added yet another to my collection, and thought why not share them all while I'm at it. Here's my collection from over the years ...

In order of ownership | 1 - Oxfam Georges Street, €8 my first and favorite decanter which I used empty as a book end many years ago. 2 - Vincent's Blanchardstown, €10 the heaviest decanter known to man. 3 - Respect Charity Shop Prussia Street, €7 not strictly speaking a decanter, whose original purpose is to hold water on your bedside table, but I prefer keeping gin in it. 4 and 5 - Mrs. Quins Charity Shop Rathfarnham, €5 each.

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