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Tough Love

 I was reminiscing through my graffiti pictures recently, and I realized I have quite a lot of love themed graffiti. For the day that it is, I'm spreading the love ...

I ♥ lamp, Great Strand Street, Dublin 2009. I } you, Brussels, 2009. 

I ♥ lamp, drain pipe, South Anne Street, Dublin 2008 {above}. Boarding where Lincoln's Inn now stands, Lincoln Place, Dublin 2008 {below}.

I ♥ lamp, Harcourt Street, Dublin 2008. Lovebot, Vienna 2009 {above}. Maser, Abbey Street {Upper or Lower - I can't remember}, Dublin 2009 {below}.

One last I ♥ lamp, Benburb Street, Dublin. 2009.

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