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You spin me right round, baby

In 2005 Dutch designers Viktor & Rolf opened their upside-down shop in Milan. Famous for their unconventional fashion sense, it comes as no surprise that their store is a focal point, in and of itself.

For my Studio V in college I used this shop as well as a number of Escher's pieces as inspiration for an alternative bar which I called 'Bottoms Up'. 

Amazing design, but I don't know if I could spend more than 10 minutes in the shop. I find my brain working overtime just looking at the pictures. The pillowed archways set off a couple of H&S alarms, but aside from that, the detail is astounding. From the parquet flooring on the ceiling, to the upside-down vases and chandeliers. Even the door on the shop front is upside-down {see second last image}.

Thanks to coolboom for the photos.

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