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My favorite picks - all things festive

We planned to decorate our apartment for the festive season this past Saturday morning. As if by amazing coincidence, that morning we woke up to snow. And I've been in winter mode ever since.

2. Gift wrap ideas #5: snowflakes by Bugs & Fishes. One of my favorite things about Christmas is wrapping presents, and it looks like Laura shares my enthusiasm. 
3. Cadbury's hot chocolate. One of the staple items of Christmas cheer. Mmm. 
4. Relativity by Escher. I'm really into his work at the moment, and it's fueling my current college project.
5. fuggs {fake uggs}. I have a real pair, but for being about the house, my new {v. cheap} pair are perfect.
6. Marks & Spencer Port. A glass will warm the deepest most Scroodgiest parts of anyone. 

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