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Needlepoint terrorist

I am a fan of graffiti. I feel the need to correct myself - not something a prepubescent boy has drawled across a shop front. I appreciate good graffiti and will {to the embarrassment of my brother} stop in my tracks and take a picture of a particularly good piece.

Since I am somewhat crafty, I wanted to make cross stitch that was the opposite of a typical cross stitch. I decided to combine my love of graffiti with my love of cross stitch, and began searching for ideas. I came across the Fuldesign website, which is full of designs right up my alley.

The moment I saw their Banksy Flower Terrorist piece, I had to do it. They have a downloadable PDF version {as seen below on the left}, but since it's quite blurry and difficult to decipher, I redid the pattern in Excel {below right}.

The finished product. I framed it along with a grey mat and black frame to make it pop.

After two weeks, I was finally finished. This project was a real test of patience. It seems to go on forever, but is well worth the final product in the end. The main colors in this piece are black, with highlights of dark and light grey.

Should you like to try this cross stitch, let me know and I can e-mail the Excel pattern to you no problem. Happy stitching!

Curious to see what this looks like 5 years later? Check out my revised Banksy cross stitch here


  1. this looks so cool! I love how it's a very "masculine" idea that you wouldn't normally expect to see in a project of this sort!

  2. Banksy is full of win every time. What an unusual cross stitch alternative!! Brilliant.

  3. Thank you! It was a bit of a tedious project, but well worth all the effort in the end.

  4. Dear Alex,

    I just came across your blog because I saw your awesome bookcovers on "Design Sponge". So I just began scrolling through your older posts and I like your blog! And then a I saw your Banksy cross-stitch! WOW!! I felt very happy because I know by now that I will have a wonderful christmas present for my boyfriend. If you please please be so very very kind to send me your excel pattern??I tried the pattern from fuldesign but just as you already told in your blog it is impossible to stitch anything with that pattern.

    Thanks a lot and please excuse my rotten English
    Best wishes from
    Corinna from Hamburg, Germany

  5. Hi Corinna,

    I would love to send you the excel pattern! Let me know what your e-mail address is and I can send it to you today, giving you plenty of time to stitch before Christmas.

    I'm actually about to start another cross stitch. I haven't done any in such a long time! Looking forward to sitting down to more now. I'm glad you enjoyed my post :)


    p.s. You have better English than most people I know.

    1. Hi, could I also get the pattern? My email is ruedabega@comcast.net.
      Thanks a million! You rock!

  6. Hey!
    I was just strolling around Pinterest, trying to find a cross stitch that wasn't bears or cats and wanting something more modern. Then I saw your Banksy! My husband loves graffiti just as much as you do. It looks wonderful; I’m always amazed at how people can take a picture and turn it into a cross stitch pattern. I’m hoping you still have the pattern, even thou this entry was from 2010. :)
    I can’t wait to do this stitch!


    1. Hi Rebecca, no problem! I can e-mail you the pattern for the cross stitch. I tried getting in contact through your Blogger profile, but it's restricted ... Sad face. Send an e-mail to alex@hydrangeagirl.com, and I can send you a copy. I still got it! Even from 2010 ;)

      xx A

  7. Hi, sorry I came across this so later, looks very amazing! I was wondering if I'd be able to get a copy of the pattern if you still have it. If not I understand, thank you either way! red.rabbit.dk@gmail.com

  8. Could you sent me the pattern please? My email address is ettennyl88@gmail.com

  9. Hi Alex,
    I came across your blog by searching banksy patterns in cross stitch and that's really beautiful, mainly with pink flowers. In comments I saw you was proposing to send the grid by email so can you send it to me please ? (lise.gregoire01@gmail.com).
    Sorry for my english, i 'm french :) thank you


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